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In our ENT clinic, our doctor is trained enough in the surgical and medical management of disorders of ear, nose, throat, and structures of head and neck. We have created this section to make patients understand the treatment and condition.


  • We provide excellence in medical and surgical care.
  • We ensure better understanding of patients and delivering quality care to them.
  • Our clinic offers good ambience, air conditioned halls and chambers, hygienically maintained operation theatre, clean wards, good sanitations and aeration.
  • We have 24- hours dedicated and experienced staff, technicians and therapist, who attend patients with warmth and care ensuring their comfort and efficient treatment.


  • To provide quality health care to our patients during treatment and follow ups.
  • To create an environment of respect and equality building their forever trust upon us.
  • To ensure patient’s comfort as priority task.
  • To heal patients with love and care.


  • To extend work premises in near future.
  • To become a benchmark of delivering best ENT services not only in the city of Gorakhpur but in nearby areas as well.
  • To further expand our knowledge in the field of ear, nose and throat and employ more advanced and latest technologies in treating our patients.


  • Best innovative care to our patients.
  • Best delivered medical services.
  • Improved clinical outcomes thus more patient’s satisfaction.

You can easily reach us via the phone number below:

+91 9651585060


  • PN Jaiswal ENT Clinic was established in the year 2014 and is located near Gorakhnath temple serves both local patients and patients at distant places of Gorakhpur.
  • Where Gorakhpur has leading practioners and surgeons, Dr. P.N Jaiswal ENT Clinic holds firm position in the city.
  • This clinic continues to deliver best healthcare services via expert consultation of ENT Specialist, Dr. P.N Jaiswal who holds 15 years of experience in practicing surgery along with dedicated staffs, technicians and therapist providing comfort to patients and maintaining patient’s friendly atmosphere at the clinic.
  • This clinic ensures patient’s satisfaction on priority basis and gives 100 % treatment accomplishment.
  • Location is easily accessible via various modes of transportation.
  • Top services provided at clinic are listed –
  • Expert consultation by specialist of ear, nose and throat.
  • Various surgeries including parotidectomy, mastoidectomy, thyroidectomy etc.
  • Treatment of Vertigo
  • Ottolaryngic allergy treatment
  • Speech therapy
  • Blood and biochemical testing
  • HIV Testing
  • Head and Neck Cancer treatment


Otolaryngologist (ENT) in Gorakhpur

  • P.N Jaiswal is a renowned ENT Specialist and owner of Dr. P.N Jaiswal ENT Clinic in Gorakhpur, who has accomplished his under graduation (MBBS) from GSVM Kanpur and post graduation (MS ENT) from KGMU, Lucknow.
  • He is an expert ENT Surgeon who has more than 20 years of experience of accomplishing various successful surgeries in the areas of ear, nose and throat including parotidectomy, nasal polypectomy, mastoidectomy and thyroidectomy.
  • His special interest in investigating, timely diagnosing and treating cancer patient has established his name among top leading surgeons in Gorakhpur.
  • His humble nature, work efficiency, dedication and in-depth analysis of case has brought a sense of satisfaction among many patients.
  • His thorough knowledge about Vertigo reflected during his speeches at various platforms and publications has benefitted lot of patients.
  • His enthusiasm of core learning about his field of specialization distinguishes him as a leading ENT specialist in the city.

Patients Review’s

he costs of treatments are very reaso able. I have always been impressed with the results. The fully medically qualified team. thank you so much.

- Anuj Kumar

Thank you for caring for me. Thank you also for taking time during office visit and not making me feel like a number lorem ipsum dolor sitamet nullas.

- Sumit Desai

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